I’m a freelance writer, reporter, and editor, based in New York City. On Twitter, I’m @slaskow. I’m also on Tumblr

Who do you work for?

I edit Smithsonian’s SmartNews blog, and you can find my writing online and in print at publications like the American Prospect, the Columbia Journalism Review, Salon, Grist, Lucky Peach, the New Republic, New York Mag, Lapham’s Quarterly, and the Boston Globe.

What do you write about?

Often, the environment, energy, cities, climate change, and food. My favorite environmental stories feature surprising ideas or interesting people and species—30-foot-tall, potentially invasive grass grown as a biofuel, radical tar sands activists, environmentalists who support fracking, carrion beetles that could stall the Keystone XL pipeline, or pollution in space

I also write regularly about the intersection of politics and policy in New York City, mostly here.

That it? 

No! The world is a weird place, and I’m interested in all sorts of stories. 

I’ve covered the relationship between food fads and religion, hikers who set speed records on iconic American trails, Minnesota’s medical technology industrya controversial dive-themed bar in the East Village, the lawyers hackers call, archivists who smuggled hard-drives out of Timbuktu, a Flickr user with a sharp sense of justice who went after Buzzfeed, a walk around all 32 miles of Manhattan’s coastline, the real-life people who inspired Great Gatsby characters, and the time the government decided Coca-Cola contained dangerous levels of caffeine.

You can find a longer list of my stories here.

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